T & S Benefits

Buy back guarantee

if; At any time, you want to sell the product that we have purchased, do not need to go anywhere else, just come back to us, and we will buy it back at a minimum deduction rate. Since the rates of metals like gold and silver are variable, we will give you the benefit based on the value of the metal price, depending on the value of the metal price, on the date you want to sell it. The fees to be made and all taxes will be deducted, and the cost will be deducted 10% further.

Exchange, whenever, forever

Bored the design bought some time ago? Looking for something trending now? Come back to us and we will give you the facility to exchange your product at a minimum rate. According to the market rate of the future, the metal will be praised for you. The fees to be made and all taxes will be deducted; No other deduction will be made. This feature is available only if you are exchanging your belongings, from our finished stock with other ornaments, or if you are ordering a piece of jewelery that is 50% higher than that price Together with whom you want to change it.

Touch, feel, wear, experience

Finish our top notch, not on the screen but rather in your hands. We have a set of such samples that you can try at home, call us or select online goods and when you want to see your natural fibers' diamonds or buy thick diamonds, then book an appointment.

Expert Consultation Consultation

We know that you consider the value of the diamond actually bought, and your decision should be right on the target. To ensure this, we will be our industry experts and the experienced consultant will ask you to find the right pieces.