T&S Advantages

Buy Back Guarantee

If; at any point in time, you want to sell a product that you bought from us, no need to wander elsewhere, just come back to us, and we will buy it back from you at a minimal deduction rate. As the rate of metals like gold and silver are variable, we will give you the benefit of the metal appreciation value, by giving you the price of the metal based on the date you wish to sell it on. The making charges and all taxes will be deducted, and 10% will be further deducted from the price.

Exchange, Whenever, Forever

Bored of the design you bought some time ago? Looking for something in trend right now? Come back to us and we will provide you with the facility of exchanging your product at a minimum rate. Metal’s appreciation will be given to you according to the future market rate. The making charges and all taxes will be deducted; NO other deductions will be made. This facility is available only if you are exchanging your goods, with another piece of jewellery from our ready stock, or if you are ordering for a piece of jewellery that is 50% more than the value of the one that you want to get it exchanged with.

Touch, Feel, Wear,Experience

See our top notch finishing, not on the screen, but in your own hands. We have a set of samples that you can try on at home. Call us or select the goods online and book an appointment as to when you want to see our natural rough diamonds goods or buy rough diamonds.

Expert Consultation Counselling

We know that you really value the diamonds you buy, and your decision has to be right on target. To ensure this, we will have our industry experts and experienced consultants speak to you to find you the perfect piece.