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At Taare & Sitare Jewellery, a highly trained specialist will work with you to design the jewellery of your dreams. Whether you desire a customized engagement ring, cocktail ring, wedding band, pendant, bracelet, or necklace Taare & Sitare Jewellery will ensure that your vision is fully realized. Taare & Sitare design team uses photos and drawings in addition to CAD renderings to achieve precision. Upon finalizing a design, our diamond expert will select appropriate quality diamonds and gems. The end result is a one of a kind piece with matchless charm and allure that is representative of Taare&Sitare and you! (A sample sketch of a custom engagement ring pictured below)

Computer Aided Design(CAD)&Renderings

Nothing is left to chance at Taare & Sitare Jewellery.  When the initial design is complete and the gems are chosen, Taare & Sitare Jewellery uses a computer-aided design (CAD) program to produce a virtual illustration of your piece. This brings the design to life, giving you an opportunity to examine an exact, digitized image of your piece from multiple views and perspectives. At this stage, you will review, edit, and finalize the design so that it is perfectly tailored to your specifications.  (A sample CAD Rendering of a custom engagement ring pictured below)                                                                                                                                                              

Wax Model

Once the design stage is complete, a three-dimensional wax model is made so that you can review a physical prototype of your jewellery before it is produced. (A sample Wax rendering of a custom engagement ring pictured below)                  

Casting & Finishing

Taare & Sitare uses the ancient art of lost-wax casting, or cire perdue, updated by today’s latest technologies and production methods. The first step in lost-wax casting is to place a wax model in a fire-resistant container that is then filled with plaster and baked in a kiln. The kiln’s heat melts away the wax and “cooks” the plaster, producing a perfect, highly detailed mold. Next, precious metal is poured into the plaster mold. Once the metal cools, the plaster mold is chipped away.  Gems and diamonds are set in the finished piece, and it is then polished. (A sample finished rendering of a custom engagement ring pictured below)

Finally, your custom piece is complete and ready to become your favorite accessory.