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As we are Mumbai based,manufacturer, exporter, importer, wholesalers which is the diamond capital of the world, as 90% of the world's diamonds are traded in Mumbai,accordingly we also source all over real and natural diamond requirement from Bharat diamond bourse, Bandra Kurla Complex- BKC, Mumbai, the biggest diamond bourse of the world, Since 1999 we are supplying real and natural diamonds and jewelry/jewellery to many small and big showrooms all over India .Therefor we are able to source real and natural diamonds at very reasonable prices. 2.Instead of spending on any type of advertisements, such as TV commercials, outdoor hoardings, print media etc., we only spend on low-cost digital E-marketing through Internet. 3. No heavy overheads expenditure of big showrooms such as huge rent, electricity, salaries, insurance etc. 4. No bank/market or venture capital borrowings, so no addition to costings due to interest/ dividend. 5.Our prices are based on internationally recognized wholesale price list ie.RAPAPORT less discount /RAPNET price + commission % depending upon business volume in last one year.

In short due to above reasons, benefits and as we supply directly from the factory to consumers hence we are cheaper/reasonable by at 20-30% as compared to other big branded showrooms/online.

Saving & Investment

1. Famous scheme-pay 11 instalments and last instalment we pay. 2. Save/Invest with us and earn double of bank interest for faster growth of money for buying diamonds. invest in diamonds as day by day diamonds rough are getting depleted from the mines, so over a period of time natural diamonds, availability is getting reduced, hence prices are bound to appreciate. Most of the assets gets depreciated over a period of time, such as cars, interior decoration, etc, whereas diamond gets appreciated and one can enjoy wearing a beautiful jewellery which is always in trend".

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