A ring which is a round band is usually worn as a jewellery on the finger. It is usually made of metal , wood, stone or gemstones such as diamond ring, ruby ring, sapphire ring, emerald ring. In ancient age, finger rings were found in tombs. Ancient Anatolian people produced rings, one of which is signet ring, a few of which have been discovered. Complex designed rings were common during Egyptian kingdoms. They also made metal rings and rings from a ceramic called faience . Native styles were replaced Greeks and Romans fashions during the Ptolemic dynasty. Arabic rings had an influence of Egyptian rings though less substantial. In eastern colonies, rings were made of silver and bronz due to lack of availability of gold. Roman rings were made up of thick hoop which reduced into a slight bezel. An oval gem was lodged into the bezel with the top of the gem slightly raised. Roman rings were more intricate in 3rd and 4th century AD. During the European middle ages, wearing multiple rings on each hand was in vogue. Rings were usualy made of copper, silver or gold. Gems became common since it was believed that certain powerful gems protected the weaver. Some rings were engraved with lombardic script . Some incriptions were devotional while some were romantic. French language was used for romantic incriptions. The ring is worn on the ring finger on the left hand as it is believed that the ring finger on left is connected to the heart direct by a vein. However, in some countries it is worn on the right hand. Rings were also hung from bracelets and necklaces. Ring size is defined in terms of circumference in mm by ISO standards while some countries use the traditional sizing system.

Rings: Wedding ring or band is worn on left hand ring finger as it was believed that a vein in the finger known as vena amoris or vein of love was directly associated with the heart. A ring as a gift is usually given to a loved one. Every ring at Taare Sitare has an inspiration behind it. Our designers put life into each of our designs which are handcrafted to perfection. Our exotic designs cater to choice and need of all customers. We have various varieties of rings. EngagementRing: Diamondare the choice for engagement rings as they are elegant and long lasting. Solitaire rings are a popular choice and has a classic style. Couple Bands : Couple bands which are of the same style for men and women usually have two different designs with one outline i.e. Made for each other" effect. These could be an engagement rings or wedding ring or anniversary ring. These couple bands are customised with name and date of the occasion and can be used on a regular basis. Cocktail Rings: Cocktail rings, which are eye catching, are designed with a large stone or motiff in the centre and sorrounded by smaller diamond or colour stones. Cocktail rings are suitable for Indo-western and western wear and to be worn during special occasions. It is also given as an anniversary or valentine day gift. Eternity Rings: An eternity ring which is given by a husband to his wife on the occasion of anniversary or special occasion, is a continuous line of same cut gemstones or diamonds which is a representation of "never ending love" . Eternity ring is a vintage ring and does not get out of date. Religious Rings: At Taare Sitare we have a popular collection of religious rings which have a positive impact on the life of an individual. Cluster Rings: Our extraordinary designs of cluster rings are a combination of smaller diamonds, diamond and coloured stone. A cluster ring symbolizes lifetime committment you give each other. These rings can be used as daily wear or also for special occasions.

Rings are worn by men and women on special occasions or as a daily wear, the most common of them being the engagement ring. A ring is a symbol of eternal love and strong bonding. Choice of rings differ from person to person. Diamond ring is has a glittering design and is worn by men and women. A mixture of white gold and diamond makes an phenomenal ring for women. Gold rings for men are often simple in design and a perfect match with all men's attire. Gold ring is ideal for daily wear. Platinium rings have replaced the traditional engagement rings. Gemstone rings which are mainly for astrological purpose. Emerald, pearl, ruby rings are meant for evening wear. The sparkling solitaire ring is a classic engagement ring. Platinium bands and gold rings are a couple's choise for engagement ring. Cocktail rings are stylish and ideal for evening wear. Multiple rings stacked together and forming one ring is a multipurpose ring. Couple bands usually of gold or platinium are perfect as an engagement ring. Arrow or curved midiring for women are classy and come in smart designs. Nail ring which is used on the nails gives a twinkle to your nails. Wide rings are a combo of western and traditional wear.